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 remarkable unfolding.

My story is a continuous and 

Who  is B.Lynn

My name is Brittany Williams, but you can call me B. Lynn.  I was born and raised in the suburbs right outside of Flint, Michigan. Yes, that Flint. No, the water was fine when I lived there. I grew up in a tight-net home with 3 other siblings and both of my parents. We weren't perfect, but our home was filled with lots of laughs, love, sibling debates, quoted movie lines, music, holiday traditions, hard work, and a ton of boys in the driveway playing basketball in the summers. At my core, I am a powerful, God-fearing, creative woman. I am dedicated to encouraging, empowering, and supporting all of those that are connected to me, to live in their purpose and enjoy life to the fullest. I am a daughter, sister, friend, wife, lover, mother, and overall exceptional woman that is simplistically complicated.   

Photo Credit: Ebony Hull of Ynobe Concepts

I stumbled and fell in love with art during my freshman year in high school when I had the choice between Art and Spanish class. When deciding on my career path I considered my new found love with the obvious rise of technology. So I chose to pursue a career in Graphic Design. After graduating from college I found myself, like most college graduates, equipped with a degree in a specific skill, but lacking the experience to be hired professional. I took this opportunity and started my own business Prevail Designs LLC. Throughout the coming years, my designated work capacity would fluctuate between Prevail Designs and various corporate positions. Fast forward, 12 years and some change later, I have held a wide range of professional titles within the corporate arena, and have had the pleasure of serving numerous clients and business owners. 

Along my journey in life, I met and married my husband, of 13 years & counting, after a 10-month whirlwind romance. We have been blessed with three beautiful, wildly hilarious, and talented children, Maddox, Bella, and Phoenix. Like most women with a family, I wear a ton of hats and face a number of challenges that push me further than I could imagine.  Life has been an exciting, crazy, terrifying, unpredictable rollercoaster that I am learning to enjoy, not every minute, but the collected minutes.

Professionally, I've held many titles in and outside of the corporate arena, but I have always exuded an entrepreneurial spirit. My drive to recognize a common need, innovate, and provide a service emerged at a young age. My entrepreneurial approach has very little to do with making money, although, making money is pretty awesome.  My entrepreneurial ambition is more rooted in thriving and being responsible for the people and opportunities I am given. Aiding others in their personal success journey and cultivating their goals motivates me. On any given day I create, explore, restore, encourage, challenge, live, laugh, and love. 

"Give  me  3 words that you would use to describe my character?"

  • Artistic

  • Creative

  • Innovative

  • Loyal

  • Dependable

  • God-Fearing 

  • Life-giving

  • Supportive

  • Loving

  • Cheerful

  • Silly

  • Hilarious

  • Attractive

  • Beautiful

  • Strong-Willed

  • Fearless 

  • Powerful

  • Efficient

  • Intellectual

  • Self-driven

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I have had the pleasure of connecting with a wide range of people at various stages of my life thus far. I surveyed a hand full of them with this question. This is what they gave me, in no particular order.​

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